Jacob and Joseph Mansbach are honored by Realtors for raising $100,000 for Foodbank

Jacob, right, and Joseph Mansbach (Foodbank photo)

Jacob and Joseph Mansbach of Santa Barbara, teen brothers behind the “Join Jacob” fund-raising triathlon team, received the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors Community Service award. The brothers raised more than $100,000 for the Santa Barbara County Foodbank over eight years of running triathlons in Santa Barbara and Carpinteria.

Jacob is 16 and a sophomore at Anacapa School, and Joseph, 13, is an eighth-grader at La Colina Junior High.

“Their sustained effort on behalf of children and families who do not have enough healthy food to eat is impressive and a tremendous help to the work of the Santa Barbara County Foodbank,” Foodbank spokeswoman Judith Smith-Meyer said.

For information about the Foodbank, visit www.foodbanksbc.org.