Southern California Reproductive Center (SCRC), one of the country’s leading fertility centers, is hosting a complimentary educational seminar on the latest advancements in infertility from 6:30–8 p.m. Sept. 27 at the Spanish Garden Inn, 915 Garden St., Santa Barbara.

Reservations are required and can be made by visiting

Several SCRC doctors will discuss fertility and family-building options as well as be available for one-on-one questions.

The presentation by Drs. Mark Surrey, Carolyn Alexander and Daniel Rychlik will cover such topics as infertility causes and factors; diagnostic fertility testing and treatments; intrauterine insemination; in vitro fertilization; and fertility preservation, such as egg-, embryo- and sperm-freezing.

The seminar also will include information on third-party reproduction, such as egg donation, surrogacy, and gestational carrier.

“We are proud to be hosting a complimentary patient education seminar in Santa Barbara,” said Dr. Surrey, co-founder of SCRC.

“These events provide a tremendous opportunity for the community to learn about fertility, ask questions and get informed. For years, this grassroots community outreach has proven valuable and successful at our founding location in Beverly Hills,” he said.

Candis Melamed for the Southern California Reproductive Center.