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Playing outside can be fun for all ages, but being safe while at play is the key! Teaching children safe behaviors while riding their bicycles, crossing the street or while on the playground can help keep them safe during playtime.

Helmets Save Lives

Your child’s head is one of the most important parts of his or her body and that’s why it’s important to make sure they always wear their helmet before heading out for a bike ride. Wearing a helmet is the best protection for preventing head injuries and can even save a child’s life!

» A helmet is considered safe if it has a sticker inside or if the box states that it was certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

» Never buy or use a second-hand helmet. It may be too old to protect your child’s head or it may have been involved in a crash.

» Always take the child to the store when purchasing a helmet to ensure proper fit.

» Be a good role model and make sure to always put on your helmet each time you get on your bike.

» Click here to take the Helmet Fit Test.

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