With the start of a new year, it is a natural time for people to set goals they pledge to achieve in 2014. Popular resolutions include fitness on two fronts: physical and financial fitness.

Here are some tips from Women’s Economic Ventures clients to help one keep to fitness resolutions this year (and beyond):


Mikki Reilly

High-intensity training, including kettlebell exercises, can kick metabolism into high gear fat burning and muscle building.

Mikki Reilly, Owner of Fitness Transform in Santa Barbara

» Tip #1 — Eat like a Caveman/woman to Lose Weight

The Paleo diet of grass-fed meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, eggs and nuts is the fastest and most effective way to lose fat and achieve a lean, fit and healthy body. This diet will take the nutrition world by a storm in 2014.

» Tip #2 — Ditch Endurance-based Training

Instead of endurance-based training, turn to short bursts of high-intensity exercise using bodyweight, dumbbell and kettlebell exercises.

High-intensity training kicks your metabolism into high gear for fat burning and muscle building long after the exercise session is over.

» Tip #3 — Develop a Winning Attitude

Having a positive mindset helps you cope with challenges. So when you are put to the test, you’ll be more likely to find the inner strength to overcome adversity and come out on top.

Daniel Yoshimi and Jennifer Yannella

Daniel Yoshimi and Jennifer Yannella are the faces behind Capoeira Sul da Bahi and Brasil Arts Café.

Daniel Yoshimi and Jennifer Yannella, Owners of Capoeira Sul da Bahi and Brasil Arts Café in Santa Barbara

» Tip #1 — Martial Arts or Dance? Try a Capoeira Class

Capoeira is a martial art that combines music and dance. It burns more calories than running or cycling and is a lot of fun! It burns an average of 700 calories per hour and is one of the best butt workouts ever!

» Tip #2 — Consider a Boot Camp

Boot Camps are fast, fun, challenging and you are going to get in shape no matter what. You can burn between 600 to 900 calories during each session — no pain, no gain! The group setting also encourages, yet holds you accountable at the same time.

» Tip #3 — Juice for Longevity

Juicing is one of the biggest trends in fitness. Combining vegetable juicing with any other sports activity will help you keep away from adding on extra weight. Make sure it’s fresh, organic and packed with more vegetables than fruit, since vegetables have less sugar. This will be a great addition between meals or even a substitute for a meal.

Natalie Samplia

Restorative classes are a great way to take a deeper look within the physical health of the body while quieting the mind.

Natalie Samplia, Owner of Better Days Yoga in Goleta

» Tip #1 — Unplug to Plug In

The average person works very hard at a desk and nowadays is using technology for five to eights hours a day. Unplug to plug in to what truly matters — yourself. Put the technology down, turn off the TV and clear your mind. This is exactly what yoga does for everyone!

» Tip #2 — Be In Tune with Your Body

Being active can relieve stress, but if you are constantly on the go, slowing down to feel what the body needs and letting it heal can be even better. Restorative classes are a great way to take a deeper look within the physical health of the body while quieting the mind. Breath and slow movement can release toxins that build up.

» Tip #3 — Try Something New

The fun new trend I am so excited to announce for 2014 is aerial yoga. In aerial yoga, silk hammocks are used to create more balance and stability in the body. Aerial yoga strengthens your body for your mat practice and in time you can build to inversions without any strain on the spine allowing for complete relaxation.

On the financial side, the nonprofit Women’s Economic Ventures has been providing guidance to entrepreneurs and small businesses since 1991 — including the WEV clients featured here — and is ready to help businesses get a jumpstart in 2014. WEV’s flagship 14-week Self-Employment Training (SET) Course begins in February in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Oxnard.

WEV’s SET course covers the most important aspects on how to start, operate or expand a small business. Course topics include finances, marketing and sales, public relations and advertising, legal and insurance issues, record keeping, and how to write a business plan. Participants leave the course with a complete business plan including a marketing plan, a cash flow projection, an operations plan, and a core network to help sustain the business.

Those interested in taking the Self-Employment Training course must first attend a free one-hour orientation. Those interested can register for a free orientation by clicking here or by calling 805.965.6073. Orientation location and additional details are given during registration. Please contact WEV at 805.965.6073 if you are interested in learning more but cannot attend the orientations offered on Jan. 21.

WEV’s final orientations before the spring SET course begins are:

» Tuesday, Jan. 21, 6 to 7 p.m. in Santa Barbara

» Tuesday, Jan. 21, noon to 1 p.m. in Ventura

Women’s Economic Ventures s dedicated to creating an equitable and just society through the economic empowerment of women. Since 1991, WEV has been providing training, technical assistance and microloans to primarily low-income women. WEV offers a continuum of programs to help both women and men start, stabilize and grow small businesses, including the Self-Employment Training (SET) program offered through WEV’s Women’s Business Center. WEV’s service area includes Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties, with offices in Santa Barbara and Ventura. WEV’s Small Business Loan Fund provides start-up and expansion loans of up to $50,000 to pre-bankable microenterprises.

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— Candice Tang Nyholt is a publicist representing Women’s Economic Ventures.