A 2020 strategic plan for the United Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Barbara County was approved by its 17-member board. 

“This plan is centered on our mission, ‘to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens.’ Our board has set out big goals in this plan, but they are important goals that with the community’s support I am sure we will accomplish,” Board President Tony Vallejo said.

Key goals for next year include to extend service centers in Solvang, increase fundraising efforts with a 10 percent increase in grants, individual giving, and special events. The board set a goal to grow to 18 active members, and increase the community councils at each club location to at least five active members attending at least 75 percent of all meetings. 

“I am so honored to be the CEO of an organization that has the support of an incredibly philanthropic county that enables our board and staff to be “bold” and to maximize our outreach efforts and focus like a laser on doing the best we possibly can for the youth that need us the most,” CEO Michael Baker said. “This plan is just another reason why I love my job.”

United Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Barbara County is also known for its acronym of UNITEDBGC, which is an acronym for United, New & Nimble, Impact, Teens, Education, Development, Board, Growth and Collaboration. 

Each letter stands for a way the organization strives to grow with this new strategic plan. 

U for Unity will focus on hiring the best staff and making sure they are adequately trained for success. 

N for New & Nimble will focus on growing the programs UBGC offers, such as youth membership through Foster Care Kids and tracking the Pilot CALM program at Lompoc to consider expanding it to other sites. 

I for Impact will focus on building stronger relationships with all school districts, growing the alumni base by 10 percent, providing updates on local alumni and offering scholarships to all youth living in motels.

T for Teens will extend hours for teen club members and offer free transportation options for the extended hours.

E for Education will focus on creating a culinary program in the new commercial kitchen at the Westside club for all members. 

D for Development’s goal is to hire a major gifts officer for the year and increasing net revenue from all events by 10 percent. 

B for Board will focus on increasing board members and their engagement in club events and programs by 10 percent.

G for Growth will focus on expanding recess programming from two to three days a week to five days a week at each school site. 

C for Collaboration will be partnering with more programs such as CALM, Notes 4 Notes, the Homeless Coalition, and the foster care system to serve more youth.