How oil is made and used in everyday life as well as how people and the environment are protected during the process will be the focus of the Ventura Oil Field’s 100th anniversary celebration Saturday, April 9, 2016. 

The public is invited to the event, which will be held from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m., with a special program starting at 10:30 a.m. The event will be held at the Shell Club House, which is located at 600 Shell Road just north of the Ventura city limits.

No RSVP is required for this free event.

Attendees will learn about Ventura’s rich oil history and current operations as well as Aera’s community contributions and the company’s successful efforts to protect people and environment.

Exhibits will showcase tools of the trade, oil extraction processes and the many products used in everyday life that get their start from petroleum. Attendees will also learn about the geology of the Ventura field and have a chance to view core samples that reflect what is deep underground.  

Aera Energy LLC is one of California’s largest oil and gas producers. Company headquarters are in Bakersfield and most of its production is centered in the San Joaquin Valley.

Aera also has oil field operations in Ventura and Monterey counties.

Fiona Lytle is a public affairs specialist at Aera Energy LLC.