Luis Ramirez

WM Health Sanitation Service has hired Luis Ramirez as its new public education manager. A native of Santa Barbara County, Ramirez will oversee public education on recycling programs throughout the region.

“Luis is a very welcome and addition to our WM team,” said Justin Honsinger, WM public sector manager. “He brings a strong track record of community leadership and a passion for engaging others.”

Ramirez, who considers Santa Ynez his hometown, attended Santa Ynez Elementary School, Santa Ynez Valley Union High School and Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria. He and his family live on the Central Coast.

“Coming from an agriculture background, I am fittingly working in yet another essential industry,” he said. “Being a public education manager is the perfect intersection of compliance, education, sustainability and community engagement.”

WM has prioritized generating new sustainability efforts with better recyclable separation practices, reducing greenhouse gases through creating an organic waste program and partnering with local organizations and partners involved in Food Recovery and Resource Recovery.

Ramirez will be the public liaison in these transitions and will educate the community on the new policies. He will have an open-door policy to discuss all upcoming sustainability changes with the public.