Yamaha Bicycles may be available for registered riders to borrow for the 34-mile Ride Santa Barbara 100 route.

Yamaha Bicycles may be available for registered riders to borrow for the 34-mile Ride Santa Barbara 100 route. (Courtesy photo)

Yamaha Bicycles, has partnered with the Ride Santa Barbara 100 (RideSB100) to sponsor the cycling event’s first e-Bike class, illustrating the performance, reliability and comfort designed into Yamaha Bicycles.

The new RideSB100 e-Bike class, presented by Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles, is open to all class one power-assist bicycles, and Yamaha is providing onsite demos for event spectators, while working to make a number of Yamaha Bicycles available for registered riders to borrow for the 34-mile route.

Yamaha has also pledged to reimburse the entry fee for any registered owner of a Yamaha Power Assist Bicycle who completes their RideSB100 route on their own Yamaha Bicycle.

“Yamaha launched our first Power Assist Bicycle back in the ’90s, and has invested decades of experience and ingenuity into refining the fitment, ride feel, performance, and reliability of our e-Bikes,” said Drew Engelmann, Yamaha Power Assist Bicycle sales and marketing manager.

“We look forward to giving new and longtime cyclists a firsthand opportunity to experience all of that in Santa Barbara this October,” Engelmann said.

E-Bikes are the fastest growing segment in the cycling industry in large part because they have opened up cycling to more people and for more purposes.

Now, as that popularity continues to grow, events like RideSB100 are giving e-Bike owners the opportunity to join fellow riders in a fun and exciting way — growing the cycling community and strengthening its voice in support of rider-friendly roads and cities.

“Santa Barbara is an amazing cycling community, and the area has some of the most beautiful, fun, and sometimes challenging roads in the country,” Engelmann said. “This will be a great venue to share our bikes and introduce the Yamaha Bicycle brand to more people.”

Yamaha’s UrbanRush and Wabash drop bar bikes are both great options for the event’s 100-mile and 100-km routes, while the CrossCore and CrossConnect commuter bikes will also do great on the 34-mile fun loop.

With proper battery management, e-Bike riders are expected to have a fun and challenging experience alongside hundreds of other cyclists that participate in the event annually.

RideSB100 is a world-class cycling event along the Central Coast happening Oct. 19. It offers four distinct routes from 34 to 100 miles, all beginning and ending at Leadbetter Beach in Santa Barbara. Named by Outside Online as one of Nine American Centuries to Master, RideSB100 offers one of the most scenic, fun and potentially challenging cycling experiences in the U.S.

Riders can learn more about the RideSB100 e-Bike class and register for the ride at RideSB100.com. All class one pedal assist-electric bicycle riders are welcome on any of the four of the event’s routes including:   
    • 100-mile: An advanced ride featuring the Gibraltar Challenge, a grueling 3,000-foot climb in just seven miles.
    • 100-km + Gibraltar: For experienced riders who want to tackle the famous Gibraltar Challenge.
    • 100-km: A friendly intermediate cycling experience featuring scenic coastal and mountain roads.
    • 34-mile: A fun and scenic course for casual riders and weekend warriors.

Yamaha is the only manufacturer with 25-years of experience designing complete e-Bikes from frame to motor. Yamaha Motor Company, Ltd. (YMC) launched the world’s first electrically power assisted bicycle in 1993 and has since produced more than 4 million drive units and sold some 2 million Yamaha power-assist bikes.

YMC supplies class-leading e-Bike Systems to select OEM partners worldwide.

View Yamaha’s full line of Power Assist Bicycles at www.YamahaBicycles.com and find a local retailer at Yamaha’s dealer locator.

Follow the RideSB100 at www.facebook.com/RideSB100, www.instagram.com/RideSB100, and www.twitter.com/RideSB100.

— Tyler Hutt for Ride Santa Barbara 100.