The Santa Barbara Family YMCA will plant locally grown trees at its Hitchcock Way campus to replace 28 trees that must be removed due to root-rot fungus and have become a safety risk.

The 26 eucalyptus and two canary pine trees that were scheduled for removal on March 29 are largely located near the children’s playground known as “The Grove” at the Santa Barbara Family YMCA, 36 Hitchcock Way.

The trees suffer from a root-rot fungus and the soil is no longer able to support their size.

“We’re sad to see these trees go, but it’s clear that this is necessary to ensure the safety of our members, staff and the community,” said Craig Prentice, Santa Barbara Family YMCA executive director.

“However, we’re also incredibly excited to plant 28 beautiful sycamore and coastal live oak trees to take their place and complement our city’s landscape,” he said.

Safety precautions are in place to prevent further damage from the affected trees as the replacement proceeds.

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— Angel Pacheco for Santa Barbara YMCA.