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Noozhawk Nation
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Noozhawk Nation Needs You

The purpose of Noozhawk Nation is to support Noozhawk Sports’ mission as the leading source of local sports coverage on Santa Barbara County’s South Coast.

Like a booster club, Noozhawk Nation delivers crucial funding for our Noozhawk Sports team, helping us expand our reporting on your favorite players, sports and local high school, youth and college programs.

Noozhawk Sports plays an important role in this community by highlighting area athletes, coaches and teams. But we need your support to continue our Sports coverage. Become a member of Noozhawk Nation to ensure we can keep reporting on high school athletics and provide even more of the sports coverage you want.

Help keep Noozhawk Sports going strong for all of the community to enjoy.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Annual Sport, Playoff, All-Star Team Sponsorships

  • $1,000 — Sport Sponsor’s name in label above all headlines in that category. Pick your sport: Golf (Boys/Girls), Lacrosse, Softball, Swimming/Diving, Tennis (Boys/Girls), Track & Field/Cross Country (Boys/Girls), Wrestling.
  • $2,000 — CIF Playoff Season Sponsor’s name in label above all playoff headlines in that season. Pick your season: Fall, Winter, Spring.
  • $3,000 — Sport Sponsor’s name in label above all headlines in that category. Pick your sport: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Volleyball (Boys/Girls), Water Polo (Boys/Girls).
  • $5,000: Noozhawk Co-Branded All-South Coast Teams. Pick your teams: Baseball, Basketball (Boys/Girls), Football, Volleyball (Boys/Girls). Includes sport sponsor’s name and logo on player and coach trophies and plaques.
  • Advertising discounts available for all sponsors.

For more information on Sponsorships, please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).



Memberships are not tax-deductible, but Noozhawk is a for-profit so a business deduction may be possible.


  • Yearbook-style player or team congratulatory photo advertisement for an additional $75


  • Name listed on Noozhawk Nation’s Wall of Fame (optional)
  • Noozhawk Cruise invitation


  • Kim Clark
    Noozhawk vice president
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