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We respect the privacy of the personal information you give us, such as your name, street address, telephone number and email address, and other personal information you may provide. The following policy is intended to explain how we treat this information. This policy may change from time to time.

Traffic Data

Each time a visitor comes to our website, our servers collect some basic technical information, including the visitor’s domain name, i.e., the ISP from which the user is logged on. We use software to track traffic to our sites and to derive such information as the location from which the traffic originates and which particular pages within the site are being viewed. After we analyze this information, it is discarded. We may aggregate information about visitors and traffic, and may share the results with advertisers. We will not disclose your individual identity or personally identifiable data that you supply us without your permission. It will only be used by us to contact you.

Use of Cookies

A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser from a Web server and stored on your computer’s hard drive. We make limited use of cookies to keep track of your visits to our site and to facilitate the log-in process for registered users.

Other companies that place advertising on Noozhawk also have the ability to assign their cookies to you if you visit their sites. This is a process we do not control.


If you sign up to receive Noozhawk’s A.M. Report or P.M. Report, you may also receive infrequent other announcements from us. Users can choose to unsubscribe — or opt out — from any new mailing lists we create, at any time, by following the unsubscribe instructions found in each email.


We may conduct voluntary surveys of visitors to our site to collect certain demographic information. This information may be compiled and shared in the aggregate with advertisers and other third parties, but no personal details will be traceable or associated with specific individuals.


We may sponsor contests or other events that require the separate collection, processing and storage of certain contact and demographic information (e.g., place of residence) for use as part of the contest. Sometimes these contests may be jointly sponsored with other companies or organizations. In that case, the user’s contact and other information will be shared with the other entity only if it is expressly stated in the rules of the contest.

We retain the right to use your email address collected for the distribution of other announcements. Users can choose to unsubscribe (opt-out) from any mailing lists we create, at any time, by following the unsubscribe instructions found in each email.

Children’s Privacy

Protecting the privacy of young children is important to us. For that reason, we will not collect or maintain information at our website from those actually known to be under 13. The sole exception to this is our mailing lists. If a child under 13 signs up for our e-Bulletin or any of our mailing lists, he or she will remain a subscriber unless his or her parent or guardian asks us to remove the name, or unless the child elects to opt-out on his or her own.

Other Disclosure of Personal Information

We will not otherwise disclose or make use of personal information without consent of the user except (a) as described in this privacy policy, or (b) as required by law, court order or as requested by other government or law-enforcement authority. This policy does not protect information you post to any online bulletin board, chat room, newsgroup, reviews or other public forum within our site.

Other Sites

Our site contains links to Internet sites operated by others. We cannot control and are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of such other websites.

Unsubscribe and Data Removal Policies

If you would like to unsubscribe (opt-out) from any mailing lists we create, at any time, follow the unsubscribe instructions found in each email. You may also email your removal request to e-bulletin@noozhawk.com.

Further Questions?

If you have further questions or concerns about our privacy policies and use of personal information, contact Noozhawk publisher William M. Macfadyen at wmacfadyen@noozhawk.com.

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Amended Jan. 1, 2018.