The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department is advising parents to be aware that some candy may do more than cause cavities.

On Feb. 17, sheriff’s narcotics detectives made several arrests at two illegal marijuana dispensaries in Goleta and Summerland. During the investigation, detectives seized more than 130 marijuana plants at both locations as well as 20 pounds of processed marijuana packaged for sale.

Detectives also seized large amounts of edible marijuana products that included lollipops, candy bars, cookies, brownies and truffles. The packaging of the cannabis-laced items make them particularly hard to discern from everyday sweets that don’t contain marijuana or other drugs.

Sheriff’s school resource deputies previously seized similar products when a student became ill after consuming a marijuana-laced lollipop that had been given to her.

Witness statements and other investigations indicated that quantities of marijuana-laced edibles had been obtained from one or more dispensaries by a person with a marijuana identity card who then distributed the candy to high school students who didn’t have a doctor’s recommendation to use marijuana.

With the number of dispensaries in Santa Barbara County, there is a possibility similar products may end up in the hands of juveniles.

— Drew Sugars is a public information officer for the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department.