Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District, at Tuesday’s board meeting, honored three employees with a combined length of service totaling 105 years.

General Manager Sherrie Fisher, herself a nearly 36-year veteran of MTD, introduced three drivers, all of whom started at MTD 35 years ago — on March 17, 1975. Each received a plaque and gratitude from the district and the MTD Board of Directors.

Jack Graham mentioned receiving two important phone calls in his life — one introduced him to his wife, and the other was from then-operations manager Joe Martinez offering him a job at MTD.

Frank Reynoso Sr. came to MTD from Jordano’s. “It was a bit more salary and I had little kids at the time,” he said. One of those kids, Frank Reynoso Jr., now also works at MTD.

Carl Flores is the supervisor who arrives at MTD each weekday morning at 2:45 to “turn the lights on and get our day started,” Fisher said.

“We are all so glad you work here at MTD,” she said. “Thank you for 35 years of great service.”

— Kate Schwab is the assistant manager of marketing and customer service for the Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District.