I was playing golf this week with a rather large man in his late 30s. We were having fun and enjoying the course. We both hit our balls off the fourth tee, and we started walking up the fairway when he asked me about Killer B Fitness. I had a shirt on with the logo, and he was curious. I explained that we help people make lifestyle changes in fitness and nutrition.

Bob Wilcher

Bob Wilcher (John Conroy photo / www.johnconroyimages.com)

He then said, “I just don’t understand why I am 340 pounds. It’s not like I’m sitting on my butt all day long. It just doesn’t make sense.” He then asked how many calories he would burn by walking the golf course. I asked him a little about his exercise routine. He said he used the Stairmaster at the gym and walked the golf course when he plays, but that his job is too time-consuming to do much activity at all.

He was drinking a diet cola while we talked, so I asked him a little about his diet. He said he eats meat like it’s going out of style, and when he drinks beer, he has about 12 cans in a night. He also said he drinks a ton of diet cola because he thought it was really good for him.

I’m sure some of you feel the same way he does. You feel like it’s just unfair and that you don’t deserve the body you have. I really wish I had something to say that would give you some relief, but here is the cold, hard truth.

This guy on the course was a real pleasure to play with, but he deserved every single pound he carried with him. You also deserve it. We all deserve our current weight.

This guy is living an unbalanced life when it comes to his health, and that’s why his body is the way it is. If he really decided to get serious about his health, then he could lose 150 pounds. He is uneducated when it comes to health, as are most Americans.

I recommended that he use a heart rate monitor that counts calories. His prescribed medicine is a stationary bike and/or elliptical for one to two hours a day, six days a week. I also recommended that he cut back on the diet sodas and meat and replace them with water and veggies.

He then asked if I had any recommendations for a blown disc in his back. I told him the best thing he could do would be to get serious about improving his health and losing the weight.

If he came to me, I could help him lose 100 to 150 pounds in a year if he was serious If you’re in a similar situation, then I want you to know that you’re not at the end of the road. You can change. Just set your mind to it.

— Dr. Bob Wilcher is a chiropractor and personal trainer in Santa Barbara. He owns Killer B Fitness, a personal and group training studio also located in Santa Barbara. Contact Wilcher at www.killerbfitness.com or 805.448.2222.