When we hear so much about faulty merchandise and bad service, it is most gratifying to find a company that really stands behind it products. I bought a Vornado room heater in 1991 and it stopped working a few years ago. It was such a good heater that I kept it, hoping someone might fix it some day.

A month ago a friend told me he had heard there had been a recall on one of the Vornado products, so I thought I would call the 800 number, although I had little hope they would want to do anything about a 19-year-old heater.

After I provided the information, the Vornado employee looked it up and said there was indeed a recall, e-mailed me the necessary forms and told me the company would cover shipping both ways and repair and return the heater, which they did. I now expect to be using the efficient little heater for another 19 years.

Lisl Auf der Heide
Santa Barbara