The Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce Board has voted to support Venoco Inc.‘s slant-drilling measure, the Paredon Oil and Gas Development Initiative, on Carpinteria’s June 8 ballot.

Also known as Measure J, it would utilize extended-reach drilling to access oil and natural gas reserves off Carpinteria’s coast from an onshore facility without the need for an additional offshore oil platform. The project could generate as much as $200 million, which would greatly benefit the local community, including the city of Carpinteria and Santa Barbara County. In addition to the local royalties, the state would eearn an estimated $1.6 billion.

“Securing reliable and efficient energy resources is an important part of the chamber’s policy platform. Measure J has major regional benefits and is important to our neighboring city, our county and state revenues These all affect Goleta,” chamber president and CEO Kristen Amyx said. “Additionally, this proposal utilizes a local and existing business with a proven and recognized safety record. It is responsible land use by using an existing industrial facility. It is the most environmentally sound and safest way to access the offshore oil and natural gas reserves we all use daily.”

— Kristen Amyx is the president and CEO of the Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce.