She Loves a Man in Uniform

Carpinteria – During a sobriety test, a woman who had been pulled over for drunken driving had trouble maintaining a steady gaze. After repeatedly being told to keep her head still, the woman, 43, told the deputy she was “trying” but felt compelled to look at him because he was “cute.”

High-Powered Theft

Carpinteria – Before leaving a construction site, having already stolen $10,000 in tools, burglars tampered with a forklift, damaging its hydraulic system and pushing the estimated total of theft and damages to more than $14,000. The burglars had entered the secured site through a hole in the fence. By the time sheriff’s deputies arrived, the workday had commenced and any tracks left behind had been destroyed.

Why the Fuss?

Santa Barbara – A 36-year-old man pulled over for driving erratically couldn’t understand why deputies who contacted him were “making such a big deal out of everything.” Aside from the smell of alcohol emitting from his breath, the open beer can found in the center console was another reason he had to take a sobriety test, the deputies said.

A Friend in the Food Biz

Santa Barbara – A two-year Albertsons employee was arrested for embezzlement. Loss prevention personnel traced the checker to more than $1,000 in stolen merchandise, cash and misused coupons. In a signed confession, the 18-year-old checker explained how he had helped friends and family save money on groceries.

Wrong Turn

Santa Barbara – Observing a man traveling the wrong direction on a one-way street, a taxi driver notified police and kept a close eye on the vehicle until officers arrived. During his arrest, the unlicensed driver, who also was detained for driving while intoxicated, was oblivious to his wrong turn.

Bucking the System

Carpinteria – A 43-year-old man pulled over for a moving violation was also drunken driving. In an attempt to give the deputy his driver’s license, the man instead mistakenly handed the deputy a dollar bill. During a sobriety test, the man lost his balance and stumbled to the ground.

Burglar With an Untrained Eye

Montecito – A Westmont College art teacher reported that his laptop computer was stolen after the building had been locked for the evening. There was no forced point of entry, leading campus personnel to believe that the thief had access to a master key. Several pieces of artwork worth significantly more than the laptop remained undisturbed in his office.

On the Road

Montecito – Deputies investigating an illegally parked van became more curious after hearing the rhythmic sound of snoring coming from the vehicle. The deputies met a husband and wife who had been asleep inside. The homeless couple said they had been drinking earlier in the day. Deciding it would be best to catch some shuteye before driving, they called it a night, curling up in the back of the van. A records check revealed the man was on parole.

A Little Too Late

Santa Barbara – Responding to a call about a vandal, deputies found a 27-year-old man kicking in the doors at a receiving bay outside a mall retailer. When confronted, the vandal said he was just “having fun.” He said he hadn’t intended to cause the damage, worth more than $400.

To Catch a Thief

Santa Barbara – A woman, who surmised that a plumber she had hired also had stolen some of her belongings, was relieved to learn her intuition was spot-on. The victim called police after a laptop computer, Palm Pilot and $40 in cash went missing while she had improvements made to her home. The hired help, a 27-year-old man, admitted to the thefts. He told police the laptop computer was “in a trash can at the corner of Los Positas and Modoc.” The cash and electronic organizer also were returned to the owner.