[Editor’s note: The California Coastal Commission sets coastal zone occupancy restrictions on hotel condominiums. An earlier version of this article was incorrect.]


Goleta City Council

on Tuesday evening will consider General Plan amendments proposed by Bacara Resort & Spa.

The amendments requested by Bacara are in anticipation of the luxury resort’s newest project, a 62-unit hotel condominium complex, to be located in the area of the current public parking lot east of the hotel. The parking area, and public access to Haskell’s Beach, will be relocated as a result of the project.

The evening’s discussion will involve public access to Haskell’s Beach, Goleta’s only public beach, as well as environmental issues related to the development.

The Goleta Planning Commission has in its recent deliberations over General Plan amendments moved to approve separate, but related, amendments that pave the way for hotel condominiums, also known as timeshares, in the city of Goleta. The current General Plan prohibits such operations in an attempt to protect the city’s transient occupancy tax, the tax paid to the city for every night a guest uses a hotel room.

Under the mechanism of a hotel condo, the owner of the unit is not assessed a bed tax for the time spent in the unit. Under California Coastal Commission guidelines, owners can only occupy their units for 30 consecutive days at a time, and for a total of 90 days out of the year.