Nick Roth, the Washington, D.C., director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, and members of the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability on May 14 presented California Sen. Diane Feinstein with an award for introducing the Nuclear Policy and Posture Review Act of 2007.

The legislation would require nuclear policy and posture reviews that consider international nuclear disarmament obligations and incorporate public input where possible. The bill also would eliminate funding for the Bush administration’s proposed new generation of nuclear weapons, the Reliable Replacement Warhead, until these policy and posture reviews are completed.

“It is clear to me that the Bush administration is trying to reopen the nuclear door by attempting to speed research into this new warhead,” Feinstein said of the bill’s effect on a new generation of nuclear weapons. “A thorough and detailed analysis of nuclear weapons policy and posture is needed before Congress can decide whether to move forward with this program.”

“Sen. Feinstein has been instrumental in persuading Congress to require a much-needed re-examination of U.S. nuclear policy,” Roth said. “This kind of leadership is essential in eliminating the role of nuclear weapons in U.S. foreign policy.”

Steven Crandell represents the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.