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Alexandra: There are two myths that have long been linked. One is that there is a “fountain of youth” somewhere out there (possibly Florida, or so I’ve heard), and the other is that decreased function is due to aging. Guess what? One of these is simply not true.

It actually is a myth. Decreased function is not related to aging; it’s related to accumulated years of sedentary behavior. As to the fountain of youth, it actually exists. Drink a lot of water, and spurt it out while looking in the mirror. You will be looking at the fountain. And at a messy mirror.

Kymberly: While my twin sister is busy maturing though not acting her age, I am over here staying young. Who wants to stay young with me? Then exercise has to be part of your daily plan. Bet you saw that coming.

Many people — perhaps you? — sort of, kinda, generally are aware that exercise has an anti-aging effect. Knowing some specifics may help motivate you to get busy now so you can live longer, stronger, smarter and with a higher quality of life.

A: Nothing ages a person faster than illness, a sedentary life and being overweight. Some of the diseases that affect sedentary people, especially those older than 40, include hypertension, heart disease and diabetes. Also, the average inactive older adult adds 10 pounds of fat for every decade, and loses five pounds of muscle in those same decades. Essentially, if you are inactive, your physiological and chronological age will match. Put another way, at 50, 60 and 70 you will “look your age.” However, if you engage in regular exercise — ka-ching — the fountain of youth will physiologically keep you young and hot! You will be the poster person for 50 being the new 40!

K: Let’s put this another way: The body of a sedentary 28-year-old is physiologically comparable to the body of a very fit 72-year-old. Great news if you’re a fit senior; harsh wake-up call if you are under 30!

Consider simply walking if you want to take advantage of the best youthifying, age-defying cream, pill, supplement, magic fairy dust. According to the American Heart Association, for every hour you spend walking you may increase your life expectancy by two hours. This double return on your investment is redeemable even if you start in middle age.

And keep up a spiffy walking pace as a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that walking speed may predict how long you’ll live. Exercise of all types reduces risk of diseases, staves off weight gain, increases cognitive function, enhances creativity and waaay too much more to list completely here. The positive effects on your body that you can take advantage of starting today to stay younger the rest of you life are proven and overwhelming.

A: Just remember, age isn’t everything. Quality of life is. Here are the magic words to chant at your preferred fountain, “Move often. Strength train. Stretch.” OK, don’t just chant them; go out and do them! And for good measure, quit smoking! Sip from the Exercise Fountain of Youth instead.

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— Identical twins and fitness pros Kymberly Williams-Evans and Alexandra Williams have been in the fitness industry since the first aerobics studio opened on the European continent. They teach, write, edit, emcee and present their programs worldwide on land, sea and airwaves. They co-write Fun and Fit: Q and A with K and A. You can currently find them in action leading classes in Santa Barbara and Goleta. Kymberly is the former faculty minor adviser at UCSB for its fitness instruction degree offered through the Department of Exercise & Sport Studies; Alexandra serves as an instructor and master teacher for the program. Fun and Fit answers real questions from real people, so please send your comments and questions to info@funandfit.org.