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Santa Barbara Teen Court
Description of Educational Programs and Counseling Services

Crime Awareness Class — $50
This two-hour educational workshop addresses legal, social, and personal consequences for committing a criminal offense. Participants examine the victim’s perspective of various crimes, and explore how they create a victim of themselves, their family and other individuals.

Conflict Resolution Class — $50
The Conflict Resolution Class seeks to help students better understand the nature and dynamics of conflict so they can begin to see that violence is not their only option in response to conflict. Learning the skills of active listening, oral expression, critical thinking and interested-based negotiation can empower students to solve everyday problems with friends, with parents, with teachers and in their communities.

Alcohol on Drug Education Class (ADEC) — $50
The Alcohol and Drug Education Class is a two-hour workshop that covers the topics of substance abuse and the process of recovery. Participants discuss the topic of substance abuse in a structured and supportive environment.

Life Choices Class — $50
This two-hour class address value clarification, goal setting and decision-making. Through collaborative projects, class discussion and individual assignments, participants explore the topics of self-worth, identity, individualism, persona responsibility, motivation and moral courage.

Peer Relationships Class — $50
The Peer Relationship Class addresses topics that youth involved in destructive relationships most often do not want to think about. The workshop discusses the downside of delinquency and gangs and how this involvement impacts the individual, family, schools and community.

Alcohol and Drug Awareness Group (ADAG) — $150
Group meetings offered one evening per week based on the 12-Step philosophy of recovery. The facilitator shares his/her experience, hope and knowledge with the participants and encourages them to share their own experiences. Participants are required to attend a minimum of six consecutive sessions and are randomly drug tested. Groups are held from 4 to -5 p.m. every Thursday.

Young Women’s Leadership Group — $150
Through weekly journaling, secure group discussions, hands-on activities and creative expression, young women are encouraged to embrace their positive qualities, learn skills to better interact with others, study the media’s influence upon their lives, discover how to create life goals and more. It is the program’s goal that this attention to inner qualities will combat some of the outer influences, and will encourage young women to desire what is best for them and stand firm against the pressures that tell them otherwise. Groups are held from 4 to 5 p.m. each Wednesday.

Parent Program, Provided by Lino Celio — $150
Parent Program is an education program designed specifically for parents of strong-willed or out-of-control, children. The curriculum consists of six activity-based classes, followed by up to 10 weeks of topic-focused parent support groups. Parents are required to attend two of the 10 support groups. This course will help parents with the challenge of raising junior and high school students (10-18 years of age) with disciplinary or destructive behavior. However, all parents would benefit from the program. The classes are conducted in English and in Spanish.

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