The Center for Successful Aging has begun publishing a Santa Barbara newspaper titled Successful Aging. The bimonthly publication, with the first issue dated “July/August,” is offered free of charge. (Noozhawk’s note: Scroll down to read the first 12-page issue online.)

Successful Aging is being distributed at community centers, senior residential communities, libraries, stores and agencies that cater to senior clients, and other sites from Winchester Canyon to Carpinteria where seniors are likely to see it.

“The goal is to provide news, announcements, an event calendar and other features addressing the needs and interests of older adults in Santa Barbara,” explained the newspaper’s editor, Frank Newton.

The Center for Successful Aging is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has been in operation in Santa Barbara for more than 10 years. Its primary mission is to provide peer-counseling services to address the psycho-social needs of adults age 50 and over.

Peer-counseling is psychological counseling in private or group sessions where the counselor is generally the same age as the client — in this case, seniors helping other seniors. The special value of the age-peer relationship is that it promotes mutual understanding and better communication between the client and counselor.

The Center for Successful Aging currently serves 150 senior clients a month, with 30 senior volunteer peer-counselors.

Click here for more information on the Center for Successful Aging, or call 805.963.8080.

To contact Newton with questions about the Successful Aging newspaper, email

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