The Fourth of July weekend brought plenty of activity for the Santa Barbara Police Department. Overall, the large crowds at the beach areas were well-behaved and peaceful, and the fireworks display went off without a hitch. Police presence was high, and is credited with helping keep the holiday a fun, family friendly event.

The following are some incidents that were exceptions to the rule.

At 5:50 p.m. July 4, an officer was on bicycle patrol near the children’s playground at Chase Palm Park, in the 300 block of East Cabrillo Boulevard. He spotted a 46-year-old man holding a crack pipe. Before the officer could nab him, the suspect threw the crack pipe down, causing a small white “rock” to fall out. The still warm crack pipe was recovered, but the suspected piece of crack cocaine was lost in the sands of the playground. The man was arrested for possession of the crack pipe and destruction of evidence.

. . .

At 12:19 a.m. July 5, a resident living in the 300 block of East Haley Street flagged down an officer to report a fight at a nearby apartment. The officer contacted a 37-year-old male, who stood shirtless on his balcony. The suspect responded to questions by cussing at the officer, who had contacted the man a block away just 20 minutes earlier, in the company of two male friends. The friends were trying to escort the loud and boisterous man home.

The officer had given them a warning and let them go on their way. Now, the officer could see the suspect covered with abrasions on his back and body, consistent with being in a fight. Just then, police dispatch reported that a caller had heard what sounded like a gunshot coming from the suspect’s residence. Officers were concerned that there might be a gunshot or assault victim in the suspect’s residence.

Officers tried reasoning with the suspect to let them confirm that everything was OK, but he responded by cussing and spitting on an officer. The suspect resisted efforts to detain him for investigation. He was arrested for resisting arrest and battery on the officers by spitting. His residence was checked, but no victims were located.

. . .

At 10:21 p.m. July 5, officers responded to a residence in the 1100 block of East Cota Street on a call of a gunshot victim. The investigation determined that a 31-year-old male had shot himself in the chest with a 9 mm Glock handgun. The bullet exited his back, went through the couch and was embedded in the wall. The victim went into shock, and could only say that the wound was self-inflicted. He was transported to Cottage Hospital and is expected to fully recover.

Officers contacted several roommates and friends, some of whom were in the residence at the time of the shooting. The investigation corroborated the victim’s statement and ruled out foul play. The handgun and bullet were recovered and held as evidence.

. . .

At 1:55 a.m. July 6, officers responded to Mad Dogs cafe at 505 State St. on a fight call. Two unconscious men were found on the ground. Witnesses reported that three suspects fled across the street to City Lot 11. Police detained the three suspects as they were preparing to leave in a vehicle.

The investigation determined that the victims were standing in line waiting to order food when one of the suspects asked where he was from. The victim said Palm Springs and was attacked. The three suspects punched and knocked down the two victims, and then repeatedly kicked them, apparently after they were unconscious.

Arrested for assault with a deadly weapon (hands, feet) were two 21-year-old males, both of Santa Barbara, and a 22-year-old male of Las Vegas. The victims were treated at Cottage Hospital.

. . .

At 5:30 p.m. July 6, police dispatch received a tip that a 28-year-old man wanted for parole violation and with a history of violence was loitering in a parking lot on lower Milpas Street. The man is from Santa Maria but is known to frequent the Eastside. Officers contacted the suspect, who threatened to fight them. An officer with a police canine arrived, which helped influence the suspect to surrender without incident.

— Paul McCaffrey is a public information officer for the Santa Barbara Police Department.