Healer Gloria Kaye, Ph.D., has expanded her healing services to include dogs, cats and horses.


Gloria Kaye

As an animal healer, Kaye addresses trauma, stress, injuries, emotional loss, digestive disorders, hyperactivity, hip dysplasia, arthritis and lethargy. House and barn calls are available.

“Many of my clients seek my help after having tried other forms of treatment for themselves or their animals,” Kaye says.

“I believe my treatments effectively complement drug therapy, traditional therapy and surgery.”

Kaye’s system to reduce pain and symptoms consists of a light pressure to various areas of pain and distress.

The natural techniques are noninvasive and have no negative side effects. Typically, clients and animals experience some relief after one session. Most conditions are resolved in three to five sessions.

Kaye has built practices in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.

She can be reached at 805.966.6104 or 805.701.0363, via e-mail at drgloriakaye@aol.com or through her Web site, www.drgloriakaye.com. Her office address is 314 E. Carrillo, No. 10, Santa Barbara.

Jennifer Goddard is a public relations representative.