Dick Lamb

Dick Lamb

In a move to return to its grassroots campaign against ocean pollution, Heal the Ocean has elected four new directors who will help the organization move forward with its original goals.

» Dick Lamb, former windsurfing champion and Olympic judge, co-founder of Balance Bar Co. (1992) and FRS Co. (2004), now traveling to Third World countries to teach business principles, and who was an HTO director from 2001 to 2008.

» Leslie Brice, a Santa Barbara investor, marketing consultant and part-time business entrepreneur who was president and co-founder of Gateways Research Institute/North American Gateways of Ojai.

» Francesca Cava, Arctic policy program manager to the Aspen Commission on Climate Change, developer of the National Geographic Society’s oceanographic education programs, former sanctuary manager for the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and project manager for the NGS Sustainable Seas Expeditions.

» Sam Scranton, former manager of the Santa Barbara Bowl (1978-80) and founding board member of the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation (1980), and executive director of the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation (1994-2010).

The new directors join HTO board incumbents Jean-Michel Cousteau, Thomas Dabney, Francoise Park and Executive Director Hillary Hauser.

The newly formed HTO board re-elected Hauser as board president, and elected founding board director Francoise Park as secretary and Thomas Dabney as treasurer.

— Hillary Hauser is executive director of Heal the Ocean.