Santa Barbara police officers were dispatched to the 400 block of East Anapumu Street at 1:14 a.m. Friday after a call about a suicidal subject involved in a domestic dispute.

The suspect was identified as Arthur David Lopez, 47.

According to police reports, the suspect was holding a knife when police officers arrived and challenged officers to shoot him. An officer pointed a Taser at the suspect and ordered him to drop the knife. After repeatedly refusing to drop the knife, the suspect was struck with a Taser and fell to the ground.

While handcuffing the suspect, officers were attacked by one of two dogs at the residence. The dog also tried to bite an officer’s right arm, but he was able to dodge the assault. During the struggle with the dog, a Boxer mix, an officer drew his service pistol and fired one round into the dog. The dog retreated after suffering a graze wound to the left side of its head. Both dogs were taken into custody by Animal Control.

A records check of Lopez revealed he is on parole for domestic battery. He was treated at Cottage Hospital for a possible neck injury and booked at Santa Barbara County Jail on charges of domestic battery, brandishing a knife, resisting or delaying arrest and violation of parole.

One officer received a minor bite wound to his left leg, and another officer had bite marks on the heel of his boots.

Call about man with gun leads to arrest

Santa Barbara officers were dispatched to El Paseo Restaurant about 1:04 a.m. Saturday after receving a report of a subject with a gun.

Restaurant security had detained Javier Esparza, 43, as a suspect after someone was seen inside the restaurant with a gun.

Officers approached Esparza, who tried to walk back into the restaurant. After a brief struggle, officers handcuffed him. A search revealed a loaded 9 mm semi-automatic handgun in the suspect’s belt line and a bottle of vodka in his boot. Esparza was taken to the police station and searched again. A small amount of marijuana was found in his possession.

Esparza was booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail on charges of carrying a concealed weapon and possession of less than an ounce or marijuana.

Subject arrested for attempted murder

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Kenneth Sterling

About 7:12 p.m. Sunday, officers responded to a 911 call of a stabbing.

Officers found a 21-year-old male victim in the front yard of 1827 San Andreas St. with a stab wound to his abdomen. The 911 caller, Kenneth Sterling, 65, was the resident at the address but refused to give information about the stabbing.

Officers reported seeing Sterling wash off a knife in his kitchen while paramedics tended to the victim. Sterling was arrested and booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail on a charge of attempted murder.

Detectives assisted with the investigation. A search warrant was served at the home, where a knife was found in a kitchen drawer. The knife is believed to be the weapon used in the assault.

The victim is in the intensive care unit after surgery on his wound. In speaking with detectives, the victim identified Sterling as his assailant.

The motive for the stabbing is unknown. The investigation is continuing.

Lorenzo Duarte is a sergeant with the Santa Barbara Police Department.