¡Viva La Comunidad!

Thank you, Santa Barbara, for supporting and celebrating this year’s Fiesta theme, ¡Viva La Comunidad! (long live the community).

You embraced this year’s theme by welcoming our many Fiesta visitors, especially the 200-plus U.S. Navy sailors who participated in this year’s El Desfile Histórico (parade).

Thanks to the city of Santa Barbara, especially Mayor Marty Blum and the council members for their ongoing support and participation of Old Spanish Days. A special thanks goes to the city of Goleta for its interest in and support of the new Fiesta Ranchera event at Stow House. Thanks to local law enforcement for their continued support and to all the local media for providing such wonderful coverage of Fiesta’s many events and activities.

We give special thanks to our sponsors, whose contributions allow us to produce the many free events, such as Noches de Ronda at the courthouse, the Parade and Fiesta Pequena.

I give a special tribute to the Old Spanish Days Board and the more than 3,000 volunteers who helped make this year’s Fiesta a grand success. I am happy to report that we had record crowds at many of our events.

On a bittersweet note, Father Virgil Cordero was hugely missed at this year’s Fiesta Pequeña’s opening ceremonies, but I could feel his presence among us. I imagine he was happy to see the community come together to enjoy the dance, music and great food.

Viva La Fiesta!

Tim Taylor
El Presidente 2008