The SBCC Board of Trustees has demonstrated exemplary leadership that has ensured the excellence of the college. Recently, the college was evaluated by a team of outside evaluators for our regular accreditation that takes place once every six years.

In a time when many of California community colleges have been sanctioned, SBCC has received an exceptional accreditation review.

The evaluators wrote: “SBCC has a remarkably stable and effective board. All of the evidence leads to the team’s conclusion that the board provides effective policy leadership for the college. The board sets a tone of collegiality and concern for student learning, which permeates the work of the college.

“SBCC is a remarkable institution in many respects. It is a college with a long and demonstrated history of participatory decision-making and problem solving. SBCC is known for steady and thoughtful leadership by its board. SBCC has a long history of fiscal responsibility. It was also clear that the board leads the college as much by example as by policy. It sets the tone for SBCC as an institution.”

The evaluation recognized what we at SBCC know and value: the critical importance of a stable, thoughtful and responsible Board of Trustees for the success of the college.

I have been a faculty member at SBCC for more than 30 years. It is obvious to me that we have a first-class board. I urge our community to support the incumbents in the upcoming election: Desmond O’Neill, Joe Dobbs, Sally Green and Kathryn Alexander.

Kathleen O’Connor, interim director
SBCC Physical Education