In celebration of its 15-year anniversary, Showstoppers Theatre Productions will reprise the first show it ever produced, Reach for the Magic, as part of its tuition-based, after-school sessions.

Showstoppers, started by Radu and Marian Azdril in 1993, plans two fall after-school shows, Reach for the Magic and Kids’ Country. Children of all skill levels are welcome

Reach for the Magic

» Directed by Tara Logan and Radu Azdril

» Sept. 12-Oct. 24

» Rehearsals are from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Fridays at La Colina Junior High School, Room 603

» Performance will be Oct. 25; time to be announced.

» Tuition includes costumes and complimentary parent tickets to the show.

» Reach For The Magic, a tale mostly ghostly, is charming and lighthearted. The story starts in Gloomy Glen where Master Gloomy rules the goblins and witches. They are cursed with “The Glooms.” Their daily routine is to pull pranks on the town’s citizens. Their “Dastardly Deeds” include resetting the sprinklers to go off during P.E., and changing the school lunch menu to include broccoli and beanie-weenies. The New Witch in town isn’t sure this is what she expected when she moved here, but there is hope. Captain Flick and the Spritely Ghosts from Confetti Land are on a mission to brighten up Gloomy Glen. Their secret weapons are their wands, which light up the dark corners, and a “Combobulator” transforms Gloomy and his friends into sweet, smiling ladies and gentlemen. This is a show you can invite everyone to see.

Kids Country

» Rehearsals Sept. 9-Oct. 30.

» 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays.

» La Colina Junior High School, Room 603.

» Performances on Nov. 1.

» Tuition includes costumes and complimentary parent tickets.

» Get set for election-year hijinks. The mayor of Gilmore Gulch has a big surprise in store when his child decides to run against him in the upcoming election. The adults in town realize too late that Election Day is the same day that the children are scheduled to take over their parents’ jobs. Kids Country is a challenging musical comedy with roles for youths ages 7 to 14. Characters include the Mayor and Spouse, their Son and Daughter, a singing school teacher, a schoolhouse full of children, a teenage babysitter and her boyfriend, City Council Men and Women, Citizens of the town, three harmonizing aunts, and a wise and wonderful grandmother.

Marian Azdril is co-founder of Showstoppers Theatre Productions.