The Montecito Planning Commission heard an earful at its meeting Aug. 24 concerning the noise, road closures and helicopter traffic that occurred with the Aug. 20 Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries wedding.

The Montecito Association requested that the county discuss and review the rules and procedures for permitting such events. The current ordinance requires a permit for any event with more than 300 guests or where the property is made available for a fee. No permit was applied for, but a road closure permit was issued two days before the event.

The association believes that there needs to be a coordinated effort among various county agencies that handle permits and enforce the rules so that Montecito residents can be assured that Montecito doesn’t evolve into “Montecito Circus Town.”

When the Montecito Association became aware that the agencies that have responsibility for permitting and ensuring public safety were not aware of the location and details of the event, we initiated contacts to ensure all were informed of the event. The association’s goal was to ensure that the event complied with existing rules, to minimize disruptions and that necessary public safety measures were in place.

First District Supervisor Salud Carbajal requested an investigation into why certain policies and procedures were ignored. Chandra Wallar, chief executive officer of Santa Barbara County, stated that rules had been violated without consequence. Wallar and Diane Black, Montecito Planning Commission liaison, are forming a review committee that will include representatives from Montecito.

The Montecito Association is committed to the preservation, protection and enhancement of the semi-rural, residential character of Montecito in the spirit of the community plan.