CSU Channel Islands will host and participate in a Green Economy informational briefing from 9 a.m. to noon Thursday, Sept. 16 at CI’s John Spoor Broome Library, Room 1360.

This is the second in a series of five statewide briefings held by California Assemblyman Pedro Nava, chairman of the Assembly Select Committee on California’s Green Economy.

The event will commence with opening remarks by President Richard Rush, followed by three panels. The briefing will be open for question-and-answer and comments from Nava, and the public will have an opportunity to make comments at the conclusion of all three panels.

CI’s panel will focus on the university’s Sustainability Strategic Initiative, efforts to create a sustainable campus operation and environment, and a commitment to course offerings that focus on sustainability. Other panels will showcase local businesses in the region and what local governments are doing to encourage growth of green economy in their cities or counties.

“As one of our strategic initiatives, CI strives to provide a future work force of individuals educated in green issues and capable of contributing to better environmental sustainability practices in the work force,” Rush said.

The briefings were planned to be hosted by different entities, among them a CSU campus, a UC campus and a community college. Nava is interested in how California’s higher education system is contributing to the state’s green economy.

“California sets the national standard on environmental protection and economic innovation,” Nava said. “We need to spur new technologies and industries that put people to work. I am eager to work with leaders throughout the state to develop new ideas that will help to reignite the California dream.”

The goal of the Select Committee on California’s Green Economy is to assist state and local governments in shaping policies that remove barriers and encourage investment and job creation to grow a sustainable economy. The committee will address both local and large scale economic and environmental problems while looking for solutions to reduce California’s destructive dependence on fossil fuels. Greening the economy has the potential to create jobs, ensure real, sustainable economic growth and protect the environment.

The committee’s five focus areas are: research and development to deployment; financing growth of green economy; job training and education; local/state/federal government participation and manufacturing. When all of the information has been gathered, a report with case studies and policy recommendation will be created for the Assembly to provide information for their ongoing effort to make the state’s economy stronger and more sustainable.

For more information about the briefing, contact Celina Zacarias, director of community and government relations at CSU Channel Islands, at 805.437.8920 or celina.zacarias@csuci.edu.

— Robin Horne represents CSU Channel Islands.