Struggling with illness, fatigue, injuries and blisters, the Dos Pueblos girls’ tennis team still fought bravely and hard in its three-hour match against Thousand Oaks.

The Chargers’ strength was in the singles with eight sets won there, thanks to senior co-captain Erica Cano, Angie Dai, Hayley Edwards and Hannah Zimmerman. Well-conditioned Hannah had long rallies with Veronica Lin, the Lancers’ No. 1 singles player, and their duel lasted an hour, and was decided by a tiebreaker.

In dubs, Dos Pueblos captured five sets, thanks to the efforts of the No. 1 veteran team of Amy Logan and Amy Sagraves, and the No. 3 team of Nicoletta Bradley and Oriane Matthys, aka “The Comeback Kids.” Bradley and Matthys were down in two sets and battled to win them. The Chargers’ No. 2 team of Melissa Dahl and Anna Slyutova also had its share of a very tough, long set that went to a tiebreaker. Overall, a fantastic effort by everyone on both teams! I want to thank the supportive parents and friends who joined us at the match.

Dos Pueblos improves to 4-0 with the victory, while Thousand Oaks falls to 0-2.

Dos Pueblos hosts Mira Costa at 2 p.m. Friday.

Way to go, Chargers!

Dos Pueblos 13, Thousand Oaks 5

Dos Pueblos Singles:
Erica Cano 3-0
Hayley Edwards 2-0
Angie Dai 2-0
Hannah Zimmerman 1-0
Sofia Pasternack 0-1

Dos Pueblos Doubles:
Amy Logan/Amy Sagraves 3-0
Melissa Dahl/Anna Slyutova 0-2
Melissa Dahl/Nicole Eskenazi 0-1
Nicoletta Bradley/Oriane Matthys 2-1

Thousand Oaks Singles:
Veronica Lin 0-3
Katy Scheck 0-3
Christina Hemphill 1-2

Thousand Oaks Doubles:
Hilary Koenig/Kathryn Stueckle 2-1
Neda Iradjpanah/Ashley King 1-2
Oriane Leekam/Julia Model 0-2
Alysse King/Hussai Nuristani 1-0

Liz Frech coaches girls’ tennis at Dos Pueblos High.