Santa Barbara police found a man dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound Monday morning after receiving a call of a suicidal man inside a State Street residence.

A neighbor found the 65-year-old man lying in bed with a rifle near his head and left immediately to call police.

Officers blocked off the 2000 block of State Street when they arrived because they weren’t sure of the situation, public information officer Lt. Paul McCaffrey said.

They knew there was a suicidal man with a gun, he said, and police consider the safety of the suicidal person, themselves and the public.

Many suicides occur but are not widely reported. “Self-inflicted deaths are not that uncommon; whether the coroner deems them a suicide is a different issue,” McCaffrey said.

In September, many such deaths occurred, as two people were killed by trains, one person fell from the bluffs near Wilcox, one man jumped off the Granada Theater’s parking garage and one person jumped off the Cold Spring Bridge, McCaffrey said.

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Giana Magnoli, Noozhawk Managing Editor

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