Beginning Monday, free Community-Based English Tutoring basic English and introductory computer classes will be offered by Ken Greenberg, the Santa Barbara School District‘s CBET coordinator/teacher.

The English classes that the CBET program offers combine reading, writing and communication skills with lessons on tutoring junior high and high school students. Thee multilevel English classes cater to adults with limited English skills. Every CBET class focuses on building parental tutoring skills, and each week parents are required to list how much time, and in what subject, they have been tutoring their children.

“We want parents to become proficient in English, and CBET will help them support their child’s success in school,” Greenberg said. The classes will include field trips and guest presentations.

The CBET program also will offer computer classes that introduce parents to the use of e-mail, Internet searches and a variety of other common computer features. Thee computer classes, like the CBET English classes, feature tutoring as a focal part of the class.

Parents are encouraged to sign up for one English class and, if possible, one computer class. CBET classes will be held at Dos Pueblos, San Marcos and Santa Barbara high schools. The free sessions begin Monday and will run weekly through Dec. 19.

For more information on the schedule, contact Greenberg at 805.963.4338, ext. 251 or

Barbara Keyani is the administrative services and communications coordinator for the Santa Barbara School District.