Two fencers from Presidio Fencing Club were finalists at the Jerry Steiner Memorial Foil event on Saturday in Los Angeles.

Keric Moore won the event, coming back from a six-point deficit in the gold medal match to re-earn his “C” rating with the U.S. Fencing Association. Zach Danko finished eighth out of a field of 24 and re-earned his “E.”

On Sunday, members of the UCSB fencing team attended a tournament in Fullerton.

Ken Coleman, captain of the mens saber squad, won the saber event to re-earn his “C” rating. Zephyr McIntyre placed seventh in the tournament to earn his “E” rating.

In the local high school fencing league, Presidio fencer Cameron Westbury placed third in a field of 61 athletes at the first foil tournament of the 2008-09 season, held at Monroe High School in Los Angeles at the end of September.

Westbury is a senior at Laguna Blanca High School. Other Presidio athletes in attendance were Keric Moore, a junior at San Marcos High School (10th place), and Parker Olson, a freshman at Dos Pueblos High (36th place).

Leslie Robinson represents the Presidio Fencing Club.