Camaraderie, cohesion and calmness describe Tuesday’s Channel League matchup of Dos Pueblos (No. 6 in Division II) and No. 1 Santa Barbara.

Under stifling heat, all of the players stayed tough, positive and focused throughout each round. Chargers senior co-captains Erica Cano and Melissa Dahl gave a pep talk before each round to motivate their teammates. Indeed, the Chargers were inspired.

Dos Pueblos dominated the singles, capturing seven sets. In doubles, they snagged two more.

After the first round, the Chargers were at 2-4 in sets, with wins from Lauren Stratman and Hayley Edwards, whose baseline-to-baseline match went to a tiebreaker. In the second round, Dos Pueblos dug deep and took four sets to even the score at 6-6. In that round, Stratman took on Rachel Decker-Sadowski; both players used a variety of shots, but in the end, Stratman took control of the match and won 6-2.

Cano and Edwards dispatched their opponents efficiently, and the veteran team of Amy Logan and Amy Sagraves fought for every point and beat Santa Barbara’s veteran team of April Ludwick and Zoe Miller, 6-4. The final round provided a lot of suspense, as Dos Pueblos seized three sets, thanks to Cano and Stratman and the two Amys, who took out Hannah Grokenberger and Kinzie McKeown, the 2007 Channel League doubles winners.

That left the match tied at 9-9 in sets. In counting up the games, the Dons edged the Chargers by four games, 74-70. Santa Barbara’s record stands at 9-0 overall and 4-0 in league. Dos Pueblos is 9-2 overall, 3-1 in league. Dos Pueblos hosts Ventura on Wednesday.

The underdog Chargers made history Tuesday, and I believe they will continue to do so. You have made DP proud! Well played, Chargers, and way to go! We applaud the fans from both sides, who cheered loudly and often!

Dos Pueblos Singles:
Lauren Stratman 3-0
Hayley Edwards 2-1
Erica Cano 2-1

Dos Pueblos Doubles:
Melissa Dahl/Anna Slyutova 0-3
Nicoletta Bradley/Oriane Matthys 0-3
Amy Logan/Amy Sagraves 2-1

Santa Barbara Singles:
Danielle Broida 0-2
Aurora Garrison 0-2
Rachel Decker-Sadowski 2-1
Alternate: Lizzy Langhorne 0-1
Stephanie Thornton 0-1

Santa Barbara Doubles:
Hanna Grokenberger/Kinzie McKeown 2-1
April Ludwick/Zoe Miller 2-1
Ari Beckerman/Haley Hranicky-Galitzer 3-0

Liz Frech coaches girls’ tennis at Dos Pueblos High.