Under dusty, windy and sneezy conditions, Dos Pueblos “charged on” to victory over visiting San Luis Obispo on Saturday.

The Tigers lost to San Marcos on Friday and modified their lineup Saturday by stacking their doubles, but keeping one top singles’ player, Abigail Will (No. 100, Girls’ 14s), in singles. As a result, Dos Pueblos had to focus throughout each round. The Chargers nearly swept the singles, thanks to the efforts of senior co-captain Erica Cano (No. 96, Girls 18s), Lauren Stratman (No. 11, Girls’ 14s), Hayley Edwards and Angie Dai. In doubles, the Chargers’ veteran team of Amy Logan/Amy Sagraves captured its sets, and then Melissa Dahl/Anna Slyutova and Oriane Matthys/Hannah Zimmerman took three more sets.

With the win, Dos Pueblos improved to 11-2. San Luis Obispo is now 10-2. Dos Pueblos resumes Channel League play Tuesday, at Buena.

A fine effort by everyone! Way to go, Chargers!

Dos Pueblos 13, San Luis Obispo 5

Dos Pueblos Singles:
Erica Cano 3-0
Lauren Stratman 2-0
Hayley Edwards 2-1
Angie Dai 1-0

Dos Pueblos Doubles:
Amy Logan/Amy Sagraves 2-0
Melissa Dahl/Anna Slyutova 2-1
Nicoletta Bradley/Oriane Matthys 0-2
Oriane Matthys/Hannah Zimmerman 1-0
Nicole Eskenazi/Sofia Pasternack 0-1

San Luis Obispo Singles:
Abigail Will 1-2
Maddi Hansen 0-2
Anna Costello 0-3
Victoria Richey 0-1

San Luis Obispo Doubles:
Kristy Kayatta/Randi Lee 0-3
Alex Coffman/Lilli Voisnet 3-0
Callie John/Tori Troesch 1-2

Liz Frech coaches girls’ tennis at Dos Pueblos High.