Although bugged by illness, injury, heat, dusty conditions and exams, the Dos Pueblos Chargers fired up their rackets on Wednesday against the Coyotes from Calabasas in a historic 16-2 win.

In previous seasons, the Chargers (13-2 overall, 5-1 in Channel League play) came close but lost to them with scores of 8-10 and 7-11. This year, we took command of the match, playing tough and with determination. We did a clean sweep of the singles, thanks to Erica Cano, Lauren Stratman (who lost only one game) and Hayley Edwards.

In doubles action, our veteran team of No. 1 Amy Logan/Amy Sagraves despatched their three pairs of opponents quickly without losing a game. On the other hand, our No. 2 team, Oriane Matthys/Nicoletta Bradley, aka “The Comeback Kids,” had their hands full in a close set that seesawed back and forth. Eventually, they played a tiebreaker and won the set.

The momentum from that win propelled them into the third round to capture the third set handily. Again, we thank our fans who cheered us on. Way to go, Chargers!

Dos Pueblos will host San Marcos on Thursday in a Channel League match.

Dos Pueblos 16, Calabasas 2

Dos Pueblos Singles:
Erica Cano 3-0
Lauren Stratman 3-0
Hayley Edwards 3-0

Dos Pueblos Doubles:
Amy Logan/Amy Sagraves 3-0
Oriane Matthys/Nicoletta Bradley 3-0
Sofia Pasternack/Melissa Dahl 0-1
Sofia Pasternack/Hannah Zimmernan 1-1

Calabasas Singles:
Emily Weisburg 0-1
Florence Hernandez 0-3
Krystal Hansard 0-3
Michele Grogin 0-1
Lisa Levin 0-1

Calabasas Doubles:
Candace Goodman/Carrissa Villabbos 1-2
Alexa Gelbard/Ashley Warner 0-3
Rachel Blankstein/Tatyana Goldring 1-2

Liz Frech coaches girls’ tennis at Dos Pueblos High.