Dos Pueblos battled wind, dust and dry desert heat in its Channel League match at Buena on Tuesday. Illness and academic commitments kept some of the Chargers starters home, but the team still scorched the courts in a 13-5 win.

The Chargers (12-2 overall, 5-1 in Channel League play) captured six sets in singles, thanks to Nicole Eskenazi, Shelbi Nigh (who swept all three of her sets) and Kee Kee Daniel. In dubs, Dos Pueblos snagged seven sets, thanks to the veteran team of Amy Logan/Amy Sagraves, Nicoletta Bradley/Erica Cano, Melissa Dahl/Hannah Zimmerman, Megha Manjunath/Rashi Singh and Kim/Lilli Preston. The match was not without some tight sets against Buena (3-9 overall, 0-6 in league). The Chargers may not have won them, but the squad played some fine tennis. In singles, Sofia Pasternack battled in a long set vs. the No. 1 Buena player, losing in a tiebreaker. Rachel Amspoker/Gabi McDaniel lost in a tough fight, 5-7.

All in all, it was a fun match, as 34 players came out to play. Great camaraderie and laughter on the bus. Way to go, Chargers!

Dos Pueblos hosts Calabasas at 3 p.m. Wednesday.

Dos Pueblos 13, Buena 5

Dos Pueblos Singles:
Nicole Eskenazi 2-1
Shelbi Nigh 3-0
Sofia Pasternack 0-2
Kee Kee Daniel 1-0

Dos Pueblos Doubles:
Amy Logan/Amy Sagraves 2-0
Nicoletta Bradley/Erica Cano 2-0
Melissa Dahl/Hannah Zimmerman 1-1
Megha Manjunath/Rashi Singh 1-0
Kim/Lilli Preston 1-0
Rachel Amspoker/Gabi McDaniel 0-1

Buena Singles:
Katherine Hefelfinger 1-1
Ashley Lopez 1-1
Grace Kim 1-1
Erika Thompson 0-1
Martine Richey 0-1
Courtney Hopkins 0-1

Buena Doubles:
Victoria Pido/Danielle Warmuth 1-1
Brooke Jepsen/Kiana Jenkins 0-2
Grace Littig/Jessica Lundstrom 0-2
Camille Gonzales/Jenn Roach 0-1
Kirsten Maddux/Brianna Rutan 0-1
Hannah Olsen/Anna Shang 1-0

Liz Frech coaches girls’ tennis at Dos Pueblos High.