The Dos Pueblos’ junior varsity girls’ tennis team went head to head with San Marcos on Thursday.

They have always been tough to beat, but this year, we had five scheduled matches. The first four we split 2-2, with one of the matches at tie in sets, games and a tiebreaker.

You could say we were pretty evenly matched. We set out to dominate. We were pumped! I told my girls before the match not to worry because I woke up in the morning knowing we were gonna win. There was no doubt in my mind!

The Chargers played their little hearts out and fought for every point. I was most proud of their mental toughness. Even when they were down, they fought back, never gave up, changed the momentum and took the win.

All of the sets were close, but I am proud to say we were the last girls standing, with the final score 10-8. Any of the matches could have gone either way. They were that close in level, but what it came down to was that we wanted it more. Way to go Chargers!

Friday is our last scheduled match of the season at our home courts vs. Santa Ynez.


No. 1 Chloe Warriner (2-1)
No. 2 Shelbi Nigh (2-1)
No. 3 Christina Daniel (1-1)
Secret weapon: Amber Rexford (1-0)


No. 1 Rashi Singh/Megha Manjunath (1-1)
No. 2 Gabi McDaniel/Rachel Amspoker (1-2)
No. 3 Lilli and Kim Preston (2-1)
Secret weapons: Hannah Schmitz/Emma Rennick (0-1)

Heather Bailey is Dos Pueblos High’s junior varsity girls’ tennis coach.