Santa Barbara City Councilwoman Iya Falcone has endorsed Joe Armendariz for re-election to the Carpinteria City Council.

Citing his commitment to protect Carpinteria’s unique quality of life from overdevelopment, Falcone and California Coastal Commission member Dan Secord also will appear together in a radio commercial to tell voters why they both agree that Armendariz is the best candidate for the Carpinteria City Council.

“I have come to know Joe over many years now, and although we have frequently disagreed on policy and politics, he has always been honest and forthright in his positions,” Falcone said. “Joe brings intelligence, integrity and a solid work ethic to the Carpinteria City Council. I believe he puts the community first, and Carpinteria would be well served by his re-election.”

Falcone is a prominent Democratic leader in Santa Barbara serving her second term on the Santa Barbara City Council. Falcone is also considered a leading contender to become the next mayor of Santa Barbara, when the current mayor’s term expires in 2009.

“Iya and I know that Joe will protect Carpinteria’s small-town character and its treasured coastal resources from overdevelopment, and we know he will protect Carpinteria’s small-town character and unique quality of life”, Secord said. “I was pleased to join Iya in expressing our full support for Joe’s re-election to the council.”

“To say I am honored to have Iya Falcone and Dan Secord’s support is an understatement,” Armendariz said. “Above all else, Iya and Dan are my friends, and as Iya said, we do not always agree, but both of them are very principled and very smart people and I have tremendous admiration for both of them. The three of us also share a growing dislike for the petty partisanship that has infected our local political discourse, so Iya’s willingness to cross party lines and join forces with Dr. Secord and endorse me, is a testament to their resolve of putting friendship above politics and principle over party.”