November not only brings cool nights, but for students and their families, it brings progress reports and report cards from school. For parents, this is the first view of the year of their child’s work. For many parents, they find that it’s time to seek help.

Pam Nuttall knew her daughter Courtney struggled with reading comprehension and writing. It wasn’t until after her daughter’s assessment at The Huntington Learning Center that she saw how her daughter’s weaknesses could be addressed and turned around. Courtney was in the fourth grade when she came to Huntington, but she tested at a first-grade level.

“I’m so very proud of the work she has done this past year,” Pam Nuttall said. “Thanks to all the staff at Huntington. She has come a long way from that first day she started her testing.”

The Huntington Learning Center begins with a thorough diagnostic evaluation to pinpoint weak areas. It recommends a personalized program for each child based on the weak areas. Huntington builds skills, confidence and motivation, making learning a fun experience.

What Pam Nuttall and other parents experience is the successful transformation from a child struggling with not only falling behind but with self-esteem and confidence.

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Courtney Nuttall

“We understand that learning is not just earning an A or B, but about the development of confidence and the desire to learn without fear,” said Audrey Gamble, director of the Santa Barbara center, 3905 State St.

Huntington offers programs to assist students in SAT/ACT preparation, individualized learning plans based on needs and subject tutoring.

“After 30 years some things just don’t change,” Gamble said. “Development of foundation learning skills is our focus.”

Pam Nuttall recently sent Huntington a copy of a report her daughter Courtney wrote on the state of Minnesota. “She worked so hard on this report, and she received the highest score of her class,” Pam Nuttall said.

Connie Boaitey represents Huntington Learning Center.