On Nov. 12, an artist peace chair was installed in the children’s area of the Central Santa Barbara Public Library.

The wooden chair, painted blue, has a collage of images: the Earth from outer space, the solar system, and inscriptions with the words “Peace Chair” and “There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.”

The Peace Chair Project was established in January to “provide creative space for nonpunitive conflict resolution” by placing artist peace chairs in elementary schools, libraries and other similar public venues. It is hoped that the accessible public art serves to develop a culture of peace and facilitates learning within those organizations, communities and the world.

Artist Catalina McIsaac suggests enjoying and sharing the peace chair in new and creative ways. “Sit on the chair together and work out a problem,” McIsaac said. “Or sit on the chair to relax and find inspiration.”

The Peace Chair Project is sponsored by the Santa Barbara Cultural Development Foundation. The chair placed in the Central Library was partially funded by a Santa Barbara County Arts Commission grant. Another peace chair is at the Solvang Library.

Click here for more information about the project.

— Christine Gallery is a reference librarian for the Santa Barbara Public Library.