The right representation can make all the difference in a commercial real estate sale or lease transaction. Commercial real estate representation is a specialized field for good reason: there are a host of variables and complex matters to navigate and often poor decisions may be made by those who are unfamiliar with the territory and who have not been well advised by a professional who understands the Santa Barbara marketplace.

Brad Frohling

Brad Frohling

The most vital attributes to look for in hiring a commercial agent to represent your interest are competence and integrity.

» Competence — An effective commercial agent must have a comprehensive understanding of the marketplace. The commercial market is like the weather in that there is always movement and change. Clients make good decisions with good information. Good information includes historical trends, financial analysis, lease and sale comps, occupancy data, and governmental issues. An agent’s help with contract terms to reduce client exposure, lending programs and effective marketing strategy is also critical. These attributes come through experience and a commitment to specialization in a specific commercial market. In addition to understanding the marketplace, one must listen to a client’s needs and communicate effectively throughout the process. Certain commercial requirements can take years to meet and the negotiating process or escrow can go on for many months.

» Integrity — Hiring an agent and firm with a strong reputation, track record and business standards in the community is essential to ensure that the client’s needs are served. This is not only powerful for the client but it also affects the other parties in the transaction as a reputable agent’s credibility will be well respected by other parties in the transaction.

Talking to references is a great way to verify that your agent and firm will serve your best interest with total integrity and competence. Having an agent with these qualities is critical in this environment to maximize value for clients in a commercial lease or sale transaction.

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— Brad Frohling is an agent with Radius Group Commercial Real Estate.