A ceremony was held Tuesday at the Goleta Water District to inaugurate three members of the Board of Directors to new four-year terms.

Bill Rosen, Lauren Hanson and Rick Merrifield were all elected without opposition. The ceremony was attended by family, friends and members of the public.

In addition to the inauguration ceremony, the district board re-elected Bill Rosen to serve a fourth term as board president.

“It is quite an honor to continue serving district customers and the public as a member of this board,” Rosen said. “I am especially honored by the support shown by my colleagues, and I will remain committed to working in the best interests of the district and our customers as president.”

Hanson was re-elected by the district board to serve a third term as vice president.

“The leadership of this district is planning for the future in a very thoughtful and responsible way, directly benefiting our customers and the community,” she said.

During the past year, the district has continued to build its operating reserve while making significant investments in critical local and regional capital improvement projects, technology enhancements and water resource plans. Such actions help ensure the long-term reliability and sustainability of the water system.

Rosen was first elected to the district’s board during the 2008 general election. In 2009, the board elected him president. Rosen is a former New York municipal attorney and has lived in the Goleta area since 2003. He is also a board member for the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Hanson, also first elected in 2008, served her first term as vice president of the board from 2008 to 2009, and most recently from 2010 to present. A longtime Goleta Valley resident, she received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Yale and an MBA from Harvard.

Merrifield was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2011, and was elected in November 2012. A local homeowner and GWD ratepayer since 1993, Merrifield was employed by the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department for 34 years and served as director of the Environmental Health division.

The Goleta Water District provides water to a diverse population of approximately 87,000 in the Goleta Valley area, including agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial and institutional customers. The district’s water system includes more than 270 miles of pipelines, a water treatment plant, storage reservoirs, pumping facilities, active wells, a recycled water system, and connections with Lake Cachuma and the State Water Project.

— David Matson is assistant general manager for the Goleta Water District.