The San Marcos junior varsity girls’ soccer team picked up Saturday where it had left off, with a 1-0 victory against Oxnard, a game in which the Royals dominated.

It was tough, given the high winds in Ventura. Vicky Uribe was the lone goal scorer, and she scored on a shot that proved to be very tricky for the goalie because of the winds. The defense was incredible, providing Oxnard only one half opportunity. Jamie Mayner continued to dominate the left side of the defense, and Katie Shara helped the transition between offense and defense. Shannon Sweeney and Katherine Crook played to their typical abilities, incredible.

And although there were plenty solid individual performances, like Sarah Beveridge’s brave effort and Lea Topinko’s play along the wing, the tournament did not end on that note, as the girls lost 2-0 to Thousand Oaks. But considering our early season results against Thousand Oaks, there was clear evidence this team is turning the corner on becoming a quality team. The girls should not be ashamed of the result, Thousand Oaks is a quality side, and the overall tournament performance was remarkable.

The Royals finished the tournament 2-1-1.

Mark Mutal coaches junior varsity girls’ soccer at San Marcos High.