Anacapa students sitting in a circle outside under a canopy
Anacapa community sharing appreciation and reflections from our all school excursion (Anacapa School photo)

The 2022 school year has begun and Noozhawk’s Private & Independent School Guide is sure to make things easy when planning for your child’s education! Our school guide provides you and your child with all the necessary information about private schools in Santa Barbara County.

To give parents the tools to help make informed decisions about which school is the best fit for their kids in Santa Barbara, Noozhawk has conducted a series of interviews with representatives of local private & independent schools for this year’s school guide.

In this interview, Noozhawk spoke with Kito Cetrulo, Head of Anacapa School to learn more about what their school has to offer.

Anacapa School

Question: What is the name of your school and what grade levels do you offer?

Answer: Anacapa School, Grades 7-12.

Q: How is your school operated or governed?

A: At Anacapa School, we have created a close-knit community rooted in the principles of respect for ourselves and one another, connectedness, collaboration, and academic achievement. Our approach and philosophy reflect a deep understanding of what students need to be successful. Our intimate campus in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara gives students a home-away-from-home feeling from day one and fosters their connections to their faculty, their school, and to one another.

Q: What curriculum is available and taught at your school?

A: Our academic class offerings are intended to foster deep subject-matter exploration, encourage student involvement and position students for college success. Individual class sizes range from three students to fifteen students. We create schedules to meet the needs of our enrolled student population, and we develop an environment designed to maximize both student-to-student and student to teacher interactions.

Girls volleyball team at the Anacapa School huddled together during a time-out.

Collaboration beyond the classroom. (Anacapa School )

Anacapa’s teachers develop and implement an inspiring, relevant and engaging curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to support academically engaged students at various levels of academic proficiency and we encourage students to maximize their intellectual and emotional potential.

Q: What is your student to teacher ratio?

A: Our student-to-faculty ratio is 5-to-1. The size of our student body is intentionally limited, allowing us to offer a personalized level of attention.

Q: Can you describe a typical day for a student at your school.

A: At Anacapa our schedule provides a consistent academic experience throughout the year. Students take core academic subjects every morning. The afternoons celebrate experiences beyond the classroom, as students pursue their athletic, artistic and creative passions through well-planned electives.

Q: How does your school select/hire teachers and how does it invest in their continuing education?

A: Anacapa Faculty demonstrate a deep passion for their area of instructional emphasis. Their depth of experience extends well-beyond the classroom, as they have pursued and continue to explore their passions as a practitioner in the field. They have a desire to employ differentiated instruction to meet learners at every, and they love creating responsive roadmaps tailored to their student community.

Q: How does your school measure student progress?

A: Anacapa provides each student with an education pathway tailored to his or her educational goals. Faculty Advisors work closely with students to explore their interests and curriculum options each semester.

Our curriculum is designed to support academically engaged students at various levels of academic proficiency. Our teaching strategy encourages students to maximize their intellectual and emotional potential.

Q: What sports or extracurricular activities does your school offer?

A: Elective classes and athletics are a critical part of each day at Anacapa School. Electives challenge our students creatively, physically, and intellectually and they feed student interests that may ultimately lead to new passions. Anacapa School is an active member of the CIF athletic league, competing in multiple sports every season.

Q: How does your school address special education needs?

A: From their first week at Anacapa School, every student is partnered with a faculty advisor. The advisor relationship is not just for academic guidance. Our faculty members connect meaningfully with their advisees. They meet regularly and partner on coursework, passions, community involvement and college preparation.

Students appreciate the added education they receive from their faculty advisors in areas such as goal setting, time-management skills, communication and strategy. Our faculty appreciate the opportunity to really know their students and our faculty meet weekly as a team to ensure that all students are staying on track and meeting their educational and personal goals.

Q: What opportunities do you provide for parent involvement?

A: Parents are an integral part of the Anacapa experience. We prefer having a strong channel of communication with every loving adult in the lives of our students.

Q: What is the cost or tuition to attend your school? Do you offer scholarships?

A: Tuition for the 2023/2024 academic year is $36,200. Anacapa offers financial aid to qualified parents based on both family need and student merit. The financial aid application is due in tandem with the other academic application materials.

Q: Is there anything you would like to share that was not mentioned above?

A: Every Anacapa student enjoys the benefit of working with our college readiness team throughout their high school experience, with an emphasis on their junior and senior years.

Our Dean of College Readiness and our College Readiness Consultant meet regularly with students and families to support them throughout the college application and selection process. During these meetings, we position students to determine future opportunities through individual choice and action.

The goal of our college counseling program is to ensure that students are best prepared for future academic and career goals of their choosing and that they will excel post-graduation. As a result of this process, our graduates have matriculated to a variety of highly regarded colleges and universities best suited to their individualized interests and passions.

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