Asphalt repairs are expected to be finished by early November.

Asphalt repairs are expected to be finished by early November. (Courtesy photo)

Construction work is underway to complete hot-mix asphalt repairs on damaged streets and alleys at select locations in Lompoc. The repairs began Sept. 12 and are expected to last several months.

To maximize the benefit of the city’s limited road-maintenance funding, streets and alleys which still have a significant amount of serviceable pavement will receive isolated repairs as part of the work to prepare these streets and alleys for a cape seal project expected to begin in October.

Construction of the asphalt repair project should be completed by early November, and construction of the cape seal project should be done by December of this year. Work locations for the hot mix asphalt deep repair project are shown at: Work Locations.

Because the city of Lompoc has much less funding available than is needed to maintain all of its street pavement and transportation infrastructure in good condition, the city prioritizes use of its limited road maintenance funds, focusing first on the following four top criteria:

1. Safety – Improvements necessary to minimize injuries and damages, especially on higher-speed streets.

2. Volume of users – Improvements that benefit the greatest volume of users, which typically also correspond with the streets that deteriorate most rapidly due to high traffic volumes.

3. Cost-efficiency – Improvements that can provide the greatest benefit at the least cost.

4. Other critical locations and/or extremely severe distresses or conditions.