Allen Williams didn’t know green was his color until his cleaning company recently underwent a makeover.

No longer beneath the yellow umbrella of ServiceMaster, a national cleaning service provider, Williams has decided to take his Santa Barbara-based company hyper local under the new name of Big Green Cleaning Co.

Same customers, quality of service and friendly faces — just a different look, DBA and more reasons to be excited about the future.

Williams, who has owned the local ServiceMaster franchise the past 31 years, said the company began making the switch to sole local ownership on May 5. Employees are putting the final touches on the transition now via new brochures, signs and green uniforms.

Some locals may have also heard the news from workers who have hand-delivered buckets of cookies to loyal customers, some of which have been with Williams since the franchise opened in Santa Barbara in 1979.

“We’re still doing the same exact things we were doing 34 years ago,” Williams told Noozhawk. “That growth has been slow and steady. This is a brick-on-brick business.”

The new name derives from the company itself. Big because the company is the biggest — serving 34 percent of the commercial building market share from Carpinteria to Goleta — and green because the company has begun pushing the lesser-known, eco-friendly cleaning options that have been available all along.

Williams said the company’s 260 employees clean some 560 commercial buildings, taking in $6 million annually. Many of the employees are part time and use the second job to supplement other income, he added.

Beyond the aesthetic changes, Williams said the new name will allow Big Green Cleaning to offer different, improved product lines that won’t need to be approved at a corporate level.

“We get to make our own choices,” he said, noting the products, processes and principles that govern “green” cleaning.

“We have been green for a long time. Green cleaning is making smart choices. It’s not just about the juice.”

The company is also planning a fall move to 4860 Calle Real, across from In-N-Out Burger, from its current headquarters at 4183 State St.

A new website is in the works, as well as a new business model to begin cleaning homes by the fall, in addition to commercial properties — something the company wasn’t permitted to do before.

Williams said Big Green Cleaning still has a good relationship with ServiceMaster, which has another local franchise, but he couldn’t hide enthusiasm for the possibilities ahead.

“We’re excited about what we do,” he said. “Sometimes we get overexcited about cleaning dirt … It’s not really about microbes of dirt. It’s about serving your customers.”

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