Lining Up for Sin City

Goleta – An employee with the Transportation Security Administration contacted local authorities on a recent Monday afternoon after finding a baggie of a “white powdery substance” in a passenger’s carry-on luggage.

The suspect, a 29-year-old Santa Barbara resident and bartender, was ready to board a plane to Las Vegas when apprehended by Santa Barbara Municipal Airport personnel. Claiming responsibility for the cocaine, the man told authorities that he had planned to use it during his trip to Sin City. After the white powder tested presumptive positive for cocaine, he was arrested for possession.

The Possibilities are Limitless

Santa Barbara – Officers patrolling West Anapamu Street after dark in an unmarked vehicle observed a young man dressed in dark clothing riding his bicycle on a city sidewalk without proper lighting.

Flashing a bright spot lamp, officers attempted to make contact with the cyclist. However, when the subject noticed law enforcement, he dropped his bike and fled on foot behind an apartment complex. After a short chase, and with the use of a Taser gun, the man was subdued at 9 p.m.

In addition to locating a smoking pipe in his pocket, officers also found a porcelain chip commonly used by auto burglars to break windows. He was arrested for possession of possible burglary tools, resisting arrest, possible paraphernalia and riding a bike on the sidewalk.


Santa Barbara – Two patrol vehicles for the Santa Barbara Police Department were vandalized on a recent Tuesday night. The windshields of both units, parked on West Carrillo Street, were discovered smashed by large pieces of concrete. The vandal remains unknown.

It will cost the city of Santa Barbara $1,500 to repair the damages.

Insult to Injury

Santa Barbara – A woman called authorities on a recent Saturday night claiming a resident at a neighboring apartment unit on Oceano Avenue had challenged her to a fight. According to the victim, 20, the suspect not only hit her front door with a hammer, he also threw an egg at her window.

Watch Your Step While Trespassing

Santa Barbara – Emergency medical personnel were called to assist with a man who had injured himself at 2 a.m. Feb. 28 on private property.

According to the report, the transient was trespassing at a West Carrillo Street law office when he stumbled on some steps, smashing his head on a large flowerpot. The man was transported to Cottage Hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries.

Pricey Purses Pilferers

Santa Barbara – Entering through the front door of a high-quality leather goods store on State Street on a recent Saturday, two men grabbed four purses and left without delay.

A photograph captured by the in-store surveillance camera shows the men escaping at 7:15 p.m. in a dark-colored sport utility vehicle. The combined value of the stolen Coach merchandise is estimated at $1,440.

High-End Theft

Santa Barbara – Two weeks passed before the State Street jewelry store was notified of the fraudulent purchase of two TAG Heuer wristwatches by an over-the-phone customer. In the letter from the credit card company, American Express, it explained that the caller who had ordered the “luxury” timepieces was in fact using a stolen card number.

The transaction, already complete, totaled $3,986.


Santa Barbara – The owners of a popular, organic Santa Barbara nut company, with headquarters located on the 400 block of State Street, returned to work to discover the main office targeted by a thief.

Leaving other merchandise untouched, the burglar stole an expensive Apple computer valued at more than $9,000. The crook made off with the electronic equipment sometime in mid-February.

The Hidden Dangers of the Can Opener

Santa Barbara – A 30-year-old man who entered Cottage Hospital complaining of chest pain on a recent Saturday night claimed he “fell on a can opener.” Unable to verify the story because of the pain, he agreed he would speak to law enforcement at a later time.

The report, completed by medical staff, was filed as a suspicious circumstance with the Santa Barbara Police Department.

Boys on Film

Santa Barbara – Two men are wanted for taking two camcorders, a digital camera and an MP3 player from a popular electronic store on State Street.

Video surveillance shows the men opening a display box holding the stolen merchandise before leaving undetected with the equipment, valued at more than $1,809, on a recent Wednesday afternoon.